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Based in Phoenix, AZ, Aerogelic Ballooning has been delivering breathtaking hot-air balloon rides in Phoenix to both thrill seekers and romantic couples since 1976. With a commitment to making your hot air balloon rides the most memorable experiences of your life, Aerogelic Ballooning's flight is sure to take your breath away, guaranteed!

Fly Albuquerque

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New Mexico has beauty not seen anywhere else. The best way to see Albuquerque is from the air, get lost in this desert beauty from a balloon and make memories you won't soon forget. New Mexico is well known for it's balloon rides, make a choice to fly with the safest, and most experienced balloon team around! We'll make your flight the best it can be.


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Part of the fun of ballooning is festivals! Seeing hundreds of balloons in the air at once is a one of the most spectacularly beautiful parts of the ballooning community. We love coming together with our neighbors and sharing the joy of ballooning. check out our festivals page and join us in person for special flights.

"We had a fantastic trip with our pilot Shane and the ground crew of Michelle & Matthew."

Smith, April 2023

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Why Choose Us?

There are bigger companies you can choose, so why choose Aerogelic?
We Are The Safest

We have been in business for over 45 years, nobody has ever been put in harms way. We reschedule for bad weather, all of our equipment is inspected prior to flying, and our crew has regular safety reviews. There is no safer balloon to fly in than one of ours.

Our Flights Are Comfortable

If you fly with the other guys, you might find it hard to look and move. We never overfill our baskets. We want to provide the best experience possible, which starts with room to breath, and room to take good photos, or even propose in the air.

We Work Harder.

It's true, we are not the biggest hot air balloon company in Arizona. So we work harder for you. We work to make our flights better, our website better, and our prices more competitive. We will always try harder to make your experience the best.